Retirement and Pension Consulting Services

Every year, the regulations and requirements surrounding the valuation and design of defined benefit pension plans changes, and the administrative duties required to manage them grow more complex. We’re here to help! We work with both corporate and public sector clients to help in all aspects of design, valuation, financial reporting, compliance and administration of pension plans. When you rely on us for actuarial consulting in regards to pension plans, you enjoy:

  • Efficient Design – Discover how to enhance current defined benefit pension plan operations, pinpoint underperforming areas, and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Top Notch Valuation Software – we use valuation software from Winklevoss Technologies called ProVal. This software allows us to efficiently value virtually any plan design (public or private) and easily project costs.
  • Streamlined Transitions – Looking to shift from an outmoded traditional design into a cash balance platform? We can help ease this transition and give you the confidence that you’re making the best decisions along the way.
  • Customized Consulting – Whether you’re a small-to-mid sized business looking to provide a wider variety of pension options to employees or wanting guidance on program setup, Hildi Incorporated can offer the best solutions and strategies.
  • Administrative Mastery – We can help you handle all aspects of defined benefit pension plan administrative responsibilities, from report processing to annual statements to government compliance and beyond!

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