Retiree Medical Valuations for Corporations & Non-Public Entities

Hildi Inc. specializes in Retiree Medical/Dental/Life valuations under ASC 715 (formerly FAS 106). Hildi Inc. wants to be your trusted consultant. Highlights of our services include:

  • Valuations for Plans of All Sizes and Locations - We have experience with businesses and corporations ranging in size from less than 10 participants to corporations in the Fortune 1000.
  • Power Valuation Software - We use the ProVal valuation system from Winklevoss Technologies to calculate liabilities and costs. ProVal allows Hildi Inc. to easily do single year or multiple-year projections at very cost-effective prices.
  • Streamlined Efficiency - Data analysis, plan reviews, liability valuation and report production can take many hours of consulting time. We have perfected a streamlined process that allows us to quickly complete your valuation with minimal effort from you.
  • Plan Design Expertise - Many entities have plans that were designed many years ago and may no longer be effective. We can help. We are experts in creating designs to help manage costs while maximizing employee appreciation and understanding.
  • Personal Consulting - Our team will work directly with you. We do not ship your work to a service center in another state or country.
  • Competitive Prices - Our fees are among the most competitive in the industry.

Contact Hildi Incorporated today to learn more about our Retiree Medical (OPEB) actuarial services!

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